Happiness Within Reach


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Happiness Within Reach

Happiness Within Reach

Enjoy Life To The Max

Happiness Within Reach. That’s right!

What is “Happiness”?
Did you think about your own definition of “Happiness”?
How about those that you hold relationships with, did you think of Qualifying Your Relationships?

Living in a harmonious relationship with your loved ones is priceless. By contrast, not being happy in any relationship could cause severe suffering and agony. Ask yourself if you are happy with your spouse, your children, your family, your colleagues.

Join us to learn more on all these points in this exciting consulting session. We’ll share tips on how you could be happy at all times and with all your relationships.

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Join us to learn how to:

  • Handle relationships successfully
  • Address your and others’ demands
  • Use skills needed to deal with difficult people
  • Manage negotiation in a professional manner
  • Understand what to say, when to say and how to say
  • Be prepared for more . . . Success & Happiness

What You Will Cover:

  • Establish trust, develop & maintain long-term loyalty
  • Maximize positive feelings through effective techniques
  • Learn why we strive to win in every discussion
  • Become a better and effective friend, spouse, parent or employee
  • Achieve happiness as perceived by Men, Women & Children

What’s Included?

Instruction by an expert facilitator
Small interactive online class
Delivery through Online Live Webinar

Item #: MCEM110W

Happiness Within Reach

Enjoy your life, NOW!


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