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Livestreaming is this year’s hottest trend to connect brands and customers. And YouTube claims more than 1 billion users — roughly one out of every three people logging on the internet. Live video on YouTube acquires more engagement, shares, and comments than regular videos.

You can earn money through YouTube Live by selling your products/services and grow your business even more. And That’s why YouTube video marketing becomes all the more vital to your success. This guide is your blueprint for YouTube success and if you follow it exactly, you’ll be giving yourself the very best chance of massive success on the platform. With this you’ll learn…

• What is YouTube Live and How does it work?

• The best practices for YouTube Live Streaming from the best in the industry

• How Can you monetize live videos and earn money from them?

• Recommendations on best software and Hardware for live streaming on YouTube

• How to grow your YouTube Live Audience?

• Methodology of broadcasting webinars using YouTube Live platform

• Planning the content and promoting your livestream

• How to increase traffic to your YouTube Livestreams?

• How to use Live streaming to generate leads and sales?

• What are the benefits of mobile live streaming on YouTube App?

• Tips on Making Money With Super Chat In Livestream

• What are the Common YouTube Mobile Live Streaming Mistakes And How To Fix Them?

• A comprehensive YouTube Mobile Live Stream Checklist

• How to measure the Performance of YouTube Live stream?

• Successful YouTube Live business Case Studies

• And so much more