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You know you have to stay healthy and fit, and you are trying to achieve a better lifestyle but failing to see any POSITIVE outcome. And just one day of intense workout is leaving you with so much pain and soreness that you quit it on the very next day.

Then, this training guide can help. In this impactful Info Guide, we’ll give you “Slam-bang” information to implement Yoga techniques with perfect Inklings to Attack the Anxiety and get the best for the Bucks you spend! With this you’ll learn…

• What is Yoga and what are its Historical Roots?

• The Science and Spirit of Yoga

• How is Yoga Beneficial for your Health?

• How to Establish Mind-Body Connection with Yoga?

• Different Types of Yoga

• Yoga Postures – Do’s and Don’t

• Equipment and Accessories Mandatory for Yoga

• Yoga Exercises

• Introduction to Meditation with Yoga

• Categories of Yoga Meditations

• Health benefits of Meditation

• Yoga Therapies for Common Illness

• Yoga – Exclusive to kill Depression

• The Future of Yoga As a Medicine

• Special Advice for Apprentice – The Beginners

• And so much more

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