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Google Classroom is a free application to help students and teachers communicate, collaborate, organize and manage assignments, go paperless, and much more!

And it has outmanoeuvred Apple and Microsoft with a powerful combination of low-cost laptops, called Chromebooks, and free classroom apps. Google Classroom is a very clean, easy-to-use application, but there are a lot of best practices you will learn along the way. This guide will explain everything you need to know about setting up a Google Classroom and running it efficiently and effectively. With this you’ll learn…

• What is Google Classroom, its overview and how does it work – learning management system.

• What are the advantages of Google Classroom Integration

• What are the advantages of collaborating with a Google for Education Partners

• The latest updates and features in Google Classroom that you can use for maximum efficiency

• How to create and set up Google Classroom – step by step tutorial

• How to create assignments in Google Classroom

• A step by step guide on how to train your employees using Classroom

• How to use Gradebook to enhance Google Classroom

• Easy time saving tips for Teachers using Google Classroom

• Easy and Smart Ways to use Google Classroom for maximum results.

• Business case studies successfully using Google Classroom

• And much more!

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