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With over 246 million unique visitors, 3.5 billion daily interactions, and an estimated 700% return on investment, Google Ads is undoubtedly the best place to target your audience with advertising. Given its reach and authority, Google Ads should be a part of your paid strategy. Use the tips we covered to get started and remember to refine and iterate as you go.

There’s no such thing as a Google Ads campaign that doesn’t work — there are only ones that need a bit more work. Using the strategy and information provided in our Mastery Guide, you have what you need to create a successful Google Ads campaign that drives clicks and converts leads. With this you’ll learn…

• All you need to know to get started with your Google Ads campaign.

• Find out the latest hot trends and new features added to the Google Ads interface

• Find out how to set up a Google AdWords campaign successfully!

• How to perform competitor Research Analysis and Spy on Your Google Ads Competitors for key insights

• Find out five easy steps to schedule your Google ads.

• Find out how much does Google Ads cost and how much businesses spend.

• Find out how can you set a realistic budget and bid for Google Ads

• Find out how to improve AdWords CTRS

• Find out how To Set Up Google AdWords Extensions & Which ones To Use.

• Find out all you need to know to add Negative Keywords to Google Ads and using them for better results.

• Find out what are the Common mistakes you are making with Google Ads

• Business case studies successfully using Google Ads

• And so much more…

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