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Live video is hot i because it lets brands engage with audiences in a way that’s immediate, unscripted, unedited and more authentic than “canned” content. And the most important reason to test out live video is the increased reach. Live videos get a boost in Facebook’s algorithm, giving you a push into more and more people’s feeds.

Once you decide to use Facebook Live to grow your brand, you will soon see that the money you have spent on the campaign is in fact worthwhile in terms of the success of your business. To help marketers stay up-to-date and keep ahead of evolving technologies and tools, we have put together all the resources for growing your brand effectively on Facebook Live. With this you’ll learn…

• A beginner’s guide to online advertising types and concepts

• Tips on how to select the right ad network for your business to make sure you are setup for success.

• An overview of the different paid channel pricing models

• An easy guide to setting up a successful online advertising campaign to make sure you have a gameplan so you know how to improve your success for the future.

• Tips to increase your reach of Facebook Live broadcasts

• How to utilize Facebook Live for Vlogging on your YouTube channel and interact with your audience there.

• Tips for brands to grow using Facebook Live and best content ideas for creating engaging broadcasts.

• A guide to using Ad breaks and make money with Facebook Live.

• A guide to using hardware and software for creating broadcasts in a budget.

• Ways to reuse your Facebook live videos in marketing.

• A guide to understanding TOP 5 metrics that marketers need to know.

• And much more

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