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Effective email marketing lets you talk to your contacts throughout their entire relationship with you — from initial outreach as a curious prospect to becoming a long-term customer. No other marketing channel gives you this opportunity.

Whether you’re building your first email campaign or you’re a seasoned pro, the ideas, tips and strategies in this guide are guaranteed to boost your email marketing ROI. With this you’ll learn…

• Copywriting strategies to grab and hold your audience’s attention

• Email delivery best practices to avoid sending your messages into the spam folder

• An overview of the most useful delivery tools for email marketers

• An easy guide to Targeting & segmentation so you can narrowly target every contact on your list with messages they won’t be able to resist.

• Autoresponders every business needs so you can stay on top of follow-up with customers and leads without spending hours in your inbox.

• A guide to Funnel creation, mapping and engagement strategies

• A guide to plan your email promotional campaign; and

• 10 email samples that can boost your profits.

• Email Launch checklist

• And much more

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