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Addiction can be Devastating! In today’s fast-pacing lifestyle, it can be quite tempting for a person to seek out a source of instant gratification to help them cope with the struggles and difficulties that they face from day to day activities.

It is no exaggeration to say that EVERYBODY knows SOMEBODY with an addictive disorder. But even though substance abuse touches so many of us, how much do you REALLY know about the disease? All you need now is the legitimate road-map that will enable you to know from where you should start and how to reach your goal of staying sober and clean. We have put together all the tips and techniques you need to Break free from your Addiction and live life to its fullest. With this you’ll learn…

• Explore the Overview of Addiction.

• Find out the types of Addiction – Drugs, Alcohol, and Smoke.

• Digging the Root Cause of Addiction in a Person.

• Identifying the Signs, Symptoms, and Triggers for Addicts.

• Determine the Impact of Drug Abuse and Methods to Repair the Damage Done.

• Determine the Impact of Alcohol Abuse and Methods to Repair the Damage Done.

• How to fight the Urge to Smoke and Smoking Relapse?

• How to Boost your Self-Esteem to Overcome Addiction?

• Explore how to Seek Help for Addicts – Rehab Process.

• How to Overcome your ‘Cravings’?

• How to Deal with the Effects of the Withdrawal Syndrome?

• What is the Role of Family and Friends in Recovery?

• What are the Effects of Addiction on Pregnant Women?

• Know about the Teens and Addiction.

• Know about the Aftercare of a Recover Addict.

• And so much more

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